Welcome to Ministry in The Mirror

In 2001, after getting saved, I started talking about Christ to all my clients that sat in the styling chair. I was like that woman who is planning her wedding, that’s all she talks about!  In fact as I write this, I am reminded that we are the bride of Christ and He is coming back for a bride with out spot nor blemish! The Holy Spirit is preparing us (the Church, the body of Christ) for His coming and then we will rejoice and be glad and give the Glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready!
It’s been over twelve years and I’m still talking about my Lord to people who sit in the styling chair! It’s exciting and an honor and privilege to be a voice of hope to God’s people, and watch God meet them at the point of where they are in their life!
I want to encourage you today, find someone at work, a friend, a family member, or some random person off the street and ask them, If they know Jesus and share your testimony with them and who Christ is to you!